Sony VAIO Laptop

Sony VAIO Laptop

Sony VAIO Laptop

Almost everybody, not just business professionals, wants a computer that is small enough to carry almost everywhere. Not only small though; it should be powerful enough to do almost all personal or business tasks without the weight of a regular laptop. Leading brands, including Sony, developed solutions to this demand for lightweight, low-cost and powerful device.

Introducing the Sony VAIO Mini Laptop

These Mini Laptops or notebooks are considered by many to be one of the most stylish laptops of all. Apple has even been known to “borrow” some of its designs from Sony. Laptops from Sony are known to be the coolest looking computers in the market. With its slim and sleek design can fit into your pocket or purse. Hence, it has gained the label of being a “Lifestyle PC” rather than an ordinary notebook.

Features and Specs

The Sony VAIO weighs an amazingly light weight of 1.4 pounds and is almost as thin as a mobile phone. It features a built-in web camera, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G mobile broadband connectivity, and a GPS function. This 8-inch notebook has an Intel processor of 1.33GHz with 2GB of DDR2 memory, Intel’s GMA graphics, 128GB drive, a Memory Stick Duo, and two USB ports. Its resolution is an ultra-wide display of 1600×768 pixels.

The laptop is said to last up to four hours when in a standard capacity battery and eight hours with a large capacity battery. It uses Vista as its operating system with an option for fast music, photos, videos, and Internet access. You can choose from a number of colors such as red, green, classic black, crystal white, and onyx black.


When it comes to functionality, Sony VAIO mini laptops are more than capable of checking emails, browsing the web, creating a PowerPoint presentation and typing a Word document. Since it has a built-in 3G broadband, and a quick start Vista Operating system, it allows its users to instantly log online to share photos, listen to music, and do almost anything with speed.

When it comes to ease of use, VAIO laptop’s keyboards are quite tiny. Of course, this is the consequence of loving the idea of a small and lightweight computer. However, VAIO’s keyboard is less cramped. It is very compact with a little more spacing in between them so you can easily use your standard typing methods. You can always type your emails or chat with your friends on Instant messengers without too much discomfort. You can always invest on an external keyboard and a USB mouse if you plan on using this as your primary computer.


Of course, these Laptops have their own limitations, such as limited port selection, small screen, and as mentioned, tiny keyboard. For people who would most likely spend time in an office working in front of a computer, a regular laptop or notebook might be a better choice. Another thing to consider is the price.  It is an expensive laptop but you can get a good deal on certain websites.

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