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It can get confusing for some people who aren’t inside the computer world to make the best choice to buy one from the wide range available.

There are actually thousands of different hardware and software products.

Let’s see some of the factors to consider when buying a new one:

  1. If you travel on business very often, a notebook would be the perfect solution. If you work in an office, the desktop computer is the answer. Although you could use the notebook in the office too, its potential is a bit reduced when comparing to the desktop connections for printers, plotters or other equipments.
  2. When buying a computer you got to consider your budget. There is a large variety of desktop and notebooks for all kinds of budget. The desktop can go anywhere between $500 to $2000 (Note that some sites don’t include the monitor in the cost, so make sure to check that). The notebook can go from $800 to $2000 or more , and normally includes the carry case.
  3. You need to specify what you want to do on your new computer. Is it to play video games, watch movies, and surf on the Internet or you intent to work? Any regular computer will do the basic work but if you intent to play video games for an example, you will need a good video card, high speed processing and a good amount of RAM memory. For business some of these features aren’t necessarily needed to be the best on the market like the video card, but a medium-grade computer will do the job.
  4. According to the kind of data you are going to store, either photos, music, movies, or documents, you need to determine the size you will need in hard drive space. If you plan to use it for photo storage or office documents, something in 50 to 100Gb will do it, but if you want to store video, music, or video games, you need from 150Gb up, according to your needs.
  5. The duration or lifetime of the computer is a very important matter. If you buy a regular model, in a few years it will become “older” and new software or operative systems won’t work on it. You will need to upgrade it, and sometimes is better and cheaper to buy a new one. You may buy your complete computer or you can choose the best parts or the components that satisfy your needs. If you buy a ready made one, it’s usually harder to upgrade later.

These are the 5 Tips To The Best Computer Buy, the most relevant facts to consider when buying your new computer. I hope this article can help you on your choice!

Pedro Sousa is a 26 y.o. Internet Marketer who is from Oporto, Portugal. If you want to know more about Upgrade, Repair, Speed Up or Build a Pc Computer visit http://thearticledirectory.wordpress.com/category/computers-technology/

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